Community Employment

As our mission states, we provide services that support people facing challenges to living and working in our community.  When an individual’s goals and interests lead them to seek employment experiences within community our vocational team is here to support in a number of ways.  Each of the below services is individualized to meet the unique needs, talents and interests of the person supported:

  • Interest Assessment
  • Work incentive benefits analysis
  • Skills to pay the bills training
  • Youth work experience
  • Job shadowing
  • Job application support
  • Interview skills training
  • Help identifying possible technical supports
  • Job placement
  • Job coaching
  • follow-along support
  • transportation

We reach out to employers on behalf of individuals, not on behalf of organizations.  We advocate strongly for the individuals we serve and support them to strengthen their own ability to self advocate.  And, we know first-hand the benefits that hiring the individuals with disabilities bring to community employers.  It is a privilege to support win-win situations for the men and women of the Challenge Center and the larger business community.