Supported Living Services


The Challenge Center’s Supported Living Services is a component of our Residential Program.  Services are provided to support individuals with long term care needs who are living in their own apartment or family home.  Our purpose is to support people as they move towards or maintain their independence in the community.  The two programs within the Supported Living Services are: Independent Living Support (ILSP) and Supportive Home Care Supervision (SHCS).



Services are individualized and consumer driven based on each unique situation, and may include some or all of the following components:

  • Assessment. A functional assessment of the individual’s strengths and needs is available.    The assessment may occur in the community as well as the residence of the individual, and will provide the basis for the participant and staff to develop an Individualized Service Plan.
  • Hands on training will be offered in relevant sites in the community based on areas identified in the service plan.  These may include, but are not limited to; housekeeping, meal plans/nutrition, consumer education, assistance with bill paying/budgeting, shopping, socialization and interpersonal behavior, monitoring hygiene, transportation, scheduling appointments, leisure activities, etc.
  • Support Services. Assistance may continue to be provided in some of the above areas until adequate skills are developed.  Services are provided to individuals to choose and access: community, cultural, social , recreational, and spiritual activities, Also, assistance with employment opportunities and transportation. Participants monitored and supported to ensure adequate skills are developed and retrained for successful community independence.  Goals will be written to gauge the individual’s level of success.
  • Supportive Home Care Supervision. Once adequate skills have been learned and demonstrated, performance of those tasks may be observed to assure they are occurring on an ongoing, accurate and timely basis.
  • Follow-Up. Participants will receive a review within 6 months to determine the effectiveness of the program.  Additional services or changes in services will be discussed with the interdisciplinary care team at the time of review.



  1. Provide individuals with skills and support in a supervised living environment to promote independent living into the mainstream of the community.
  2. Provide ongoing supports to individuals living independently that are needed to maintain their independence.
  3. Provide training to assist the individual’s integration into the community and access to community supports.



Services are offered in the participant’s home and relevant sites in the community.



Services emphasize participant choice, although they are limited by risk.  Services are based on the individual’s needs, and are provided by trained staff.  Services  needed will also drive program determination e.g. ILSP or SHCS.



The program serves adults that have the potential to live independently and partake in the mainstream of the community with minimal supports. Participation can occur after authorization from CCCW, IRIS, a County, or private pay agreement has been reached.


HOURS OF SERVICE:  Seven (7) days a week as need and activity dictates.  Services normally will occur between 7:00a.m. and 11:00 p.m.



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