Evening & Weekend Recreation Program

The Evening and Weekend Recreation Program offers a wide array of community based activities from which to choose.   The program is designed to promote and encourage participants to greater fitness and social interaction.  The program offers both individual and team sport experiences.

The Recreation Program strives to facilitate physical activities aimed at enhancing the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities. Consumers select activities from a diverse and seasonally rotating list. The twofold focus is to expose clients to new and challenging activities and to promote proficiency of existing skills. Recreation activities offer experience in decision making, goal setting, and problem solving. These organized opportunities promote individual personal development, independence in the community and optimize social skills.


  1. To promote proficiency of existing skills.
  2. To develop skills in new activities.
  3. To increase awareness of diverse recreational possibilities.
  4. To promote decision making by offering choice and guidance.
  5. To strengthen emotional and physical development through challenges.
  6. To promote social skills and Activities of Daily Living
  7. To increase independent participation in the community.
  8. To assist the person served in obtaining access to recreation resources and services in their community.


The Late Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend Recreation Program meets at appropriate locations in the community depending on the activity.


Hours of Services

7 days a week (as activity dictates). After 3:00 PM weekdays and varied on weekends.


 Ask for our Services Coordinator
Challenge Center, Inc
39 North 25th Street East,
Superior, WI 54880

Phone 715- 394-2771