Vocational Services

Sheltered employment opportunities are provided to adults with moderate to mild developmental disabilities. Work options include the assembling of pneumatic couplings, limited janitorial services, bulk mailing, packaging, machine operation, and grounds keeping during the summer months. Within the green house setting job opportunities include plant maintenance, maintaining a clean greenhouse, and packing tomatoes. Individuals need to be attentive to detail and make judgments independently in most job areas. Individuals participate in establishing their individual work related goals. Vocational evaluations are available in both Marathon Industries and Bay Produce. Ongoing support and new job skill training is also available. Job assignments are done to best match a persons needs and capabilities to maintain the highest level of production.

The Work services program is designed for the adult who has the ability to perform assigned work tasks with moderate to minimal training and instruction. The person should be able to work independently, performing tasks under limited supervision. Individuals should have the initiative to begin regularly assigned tasks without prompting. Wage reviews are done yearly for piece rated jobs, and every six months for hourly rated jobs. A program review and follow-up is provided on a six month to annual basis or as needed.


  1. To offer a structured setting with minimal supervision to gain work experience and job training.
  2. Maximize the individuals earning potential.
  3. Promote independence in work related skills.


Marathon Industries meets at the Challenge Center. An enclave of workers is available with staff to work in community sites if it is required for the job. Bay Produce work site is two green houses located on the east and west side of the Challenge Center.


Marathon Industries is supervised by the Work Trainer/Supervisor. Bay Produce is supervised by the Warehouse Supervisor. Direct client supervision and training is done by the green house trainer and warehouse assistant. Both programs are a part of the Challenge Center Work Services Department and are overseen by the Work Services Director. Referral information by the sponsoring agency, organization, school or County Case Manager should be submitted to the Client Service Coordinator of the Challenge Center, 39 N. 25th Street East, Superior, WI 54880, (715)394-2771. Transportation needs to be arranged prior to entry into the program.


The Work Services Program serves individuals with moderate to mild developmental disabilities in a work environment.

Hours of Service

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.


Client Service Coordinator
Challenge Center, Inc
39 North 25th Street East,
Superior, WI 54880:

Phone 715- 394-2771
Katey Geistfeld, Vocational Director