Supportive Transportation Services

Many of the men and women who come to us for their long-term care needs seek our supportive transportation as part of their person centered plan.  In keeping with our mission to provide services that support people facing challenges to living and working in our community, we offer transportation assistance to individuals who would otherwise not have access to our programs and services.   To learn more about our supportive transportation services please call our Services Coordinator at 715-394-2771

The Challenge Center reserves the right to deny transportation services to anyone displaying violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal activities.

Our community is also very fortunate to have the services of the Duluth Transit Authority, including Special Transit RIDE (STRIDE).  For your convenience, click on the DTA logo below to access the DTA Plan-a-Ride service.


Click on the STRIDE logo below to learn more about  Dial-A-Ride services: