Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program provides a wide variety of opportunities for adults with developmental and possible physical service needs.  The program’s focus is to support the diverse skills, interests and talents of the persons served, and to promote personal growth, autonomy and broader community opportunity.

The variety of activity choices assist to promote the development of skills that encourage greater independence and autonomy.  Participants are encouraged to strengthen their communication, daily living, personal care, recreation and leisure time interests and abilities.   The Life Skills program promotes greater community involvement and aids participants in a better understanding of their own unique talents and goals.  The individualized goal planning process integral to all program services and supports.

Objectives of the Life Skills Program

  1. To provide a variety of social and community opportunities that adapt to the changing needs of the individual and that support his or her identified goals.
  2. To provide a broad array of activities to help enrich the participant’s quality of life experiences.
  3. To build upon authentic experiences that help the individual further distinguish what goals are most meaningful and of greatest importance to them.
  4. To provide opportunities for positive emotional, personal health, and social development.
  5. To open opportunities for learning new skills or increasing existing skills through community and recreational activities including physical fitness activities and volunteer opportunities.
  6. To prepare the individual for more independent participation in life events and increased personal autonomy.
  7. To provide respite for the Caregiver while enhancing the abilities of the participant.


Hours of Service

Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


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