Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program provides training to adults with intellectual disabilities  in a closely supervised and structured setting. The Program is designed to meet the diverse needs, skills, interests and talents of each individual and promotes personal growth in maximizing functional ability, independence, and exposure to community based activities.

The Life Skills Program is designed for the individual to receive specific skill and social training. Areas of support may include communications, daily living skills, personal care, recreation and leisure skills, participation that leads toward increased community involvement and behavior management. In the Life Skills Program , the primary focus is to participate in and build on meaningful activities and community integration. Individual goals are developed to enhance each consumer’s potential to train for maximum development. Every six months, a review of the consumer’s programs is provided. Annually, or if a major change has occurred, a staffing is held with all concerned parties.


  1. To provide a structured learning and social environment, adapted to the changing needs of the individual offering choices and guidance.
  2. To provide a broad array of activities to enrich the consumer’s quality of life.
  3. To train and build upon authentic experiences promoting appropriate behavior, teamwork, and acceptance of responsibility.
  4. To enhance emotional, personal, and social development.
  5. To open opportunities to learn new skills or to increase existing skills through community and recreational activities that include physical activities and volunteer opportunities.
  6. To prepare the individual for more independent participation in life events and increased personal autonomy.
  7. To provide respite for the Caregiver while enhancing the abilities of the participant.


Hours of Service

Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Services Coordinator
Challenge Center, Inc
39 North 25th Street East,
Superior, WI 54880

Phone 715- 394-2771
Teresa Clayton