Respite Services

Through the Challenge Center’s Residential Program, services can be arranged for short term, 24 hour  care for adults with special needs. The respite is provided in the various licensed residences in the  community and services are provided based on availability of openings in the homes and dependent on  the needs of the resident meeting the criteria of the license. Respite services would be provided in a  comfortable home shared with four to six adults. All respite services include a private room. Staff are  experienced, well trained, and have passed criminal background checks and health screenings. Daytime (only) respite is also available through Challenge Center’s Senior Day Services.


  1. Provide a safe environment for short term care.
  2. Provide assistance with medical needs.
  3. Provide meals to the residents.
  4. Provide services tailored to meet the resident needs.
  5. Provide overall support to the family based on their needs.


This program operates in various licensed group homes in the city of Superior.

Provision of Services

Services are provided or arranged based on the individual needs of the resident. Assistance with  personal cares is arranged or provided to the resident based on their needs. Services include health monitoring, and medication assistance, general supervision, meal preparation,  leisure time activities, community activities, keeping in touch with the family, and arranging  transportation for needed appointments. Services include teaching and providing opportunities for residents to increase skills or minimize  natural decline in the self care, independent living skills, communication skills, and socialization.  financial assistance.


The program serves adults with developmental disabilities or special needs.


Client Service Coordinator
Challenge Center, Inc.
39 North 25th Street East,
Superior, WI 54880

Phone 715- 394-2771